Fire Facilities Project Information


The Leland and Lake Leelanau fire station construction projects are in full swing with a completion date for Leland to be approximately mid-July, 2016 and Lake Leelanau to be finished by mid-October of 2016.  Hallmark Construction Inc working with Cornerstone Architects has continually strived for the best facility possible with the funding that was received from the Leland Township millage.  At the present time, there is tentatively a Leland station open house with tours planned for the evening of July 3, 2016 preceding the Leland fireworks program.  Please check back regularly on this website along with the Leland Fire Rescue Facebook page for regular updates.


The Emergency Facilities Building Committee met on 7/23/15 and discussed, among other things, the final schematic design and exterior elevations of the Leland Station.  It was unanimously decided by the committee that the current design submitted by the architect is the design that will be moved into the bidding and building process. Since this architectural design follows a common theme of the architecture in Leland and the surrounding area, the committee believes that this theme will fit into the Leland community very well. Cornerstone Architects is now diligently working on the formulation of the bidding documents and finalizing the plans to open the project for bidding on or about August 10, 2015.

Due to site development issues, the Lake Leelanau station project is moving a bit slower and, at the present time is approximately one month behind the Leland project.  During the Lake Leelanau station construction, a water runoff problem is being studied and ultimately will be fixed to aid the neighboring properties in ultimately eliminating a decades-old problem.



At their meeting on 7/13/2015, the Leland Township Board of Trustees took action to approve the final schematic design of the new, West fire station in Leland Township.  This station will sit on the existing Leland Station site after the existing station is demolished.  With this schematic being approved, the Emergency Facilities Building Committee will continue working on some final decisions such as exterior building materials, and some final minor design issues.  A copy of the Schematic Design is available for public viewing at the Leland Township Hall.  The final design approval for the East station in Lake Leelanau will be finalized in a few weeks as a result of final design issues being more difficult due to some site design issues.



7/9/15 – Leland Township Fire Department / Leland Station

The schematic design drawings are complete and will be received and reviewed by the Leland Township Board of Trustees at their meeting on Monday, July 13, 2015.  With a total of approximately 7100 square feet in gross floor area, this station will be provided with up-to-date facilities that can house fire department staff around the clock if needed.  The station is planned to be constructed on the same site as the existing Leland fire station and will house an engine, a tanker, an ambulance and hydrant truck, along with enough room for one other apparatus if necessary.  This station will also contain offices for the chief and the EMS coordinator, along with support functions such as filing areas and maintenance room.

View from Grand Avenue

View from Grand Avenue

Site plan and floor plan

Site plan and floor plan