Message from the Chief

Welcome to the Leland Township Fire & Rescue Website.

Leland Township is located along the western edge of Leelanau County, northwest of Traverse City, and is situated on the shores of Lake Michigan and portions of Lake Leelanau. The Leland Township Fire and Rescue provides service to the businesses, residents, guests, and visitors of the villages of Lake Leelanau and Leland – including the historic Fishtown.

We respond to over 500 calls annually and provide Advanced Life Support services to the community. We also help our partners with the Cedar Area Fire Department provide Advanced Life Support intercept services for high priority patients in portions of their response areas. In addition to the Cedar Area Fire Department, we are proud to work together with the Sutton’s Bay – Bingham Township, Leelanau Township, Elmwood Township, Grand Traverse Band, and Glen Lake Fire Departments through our Automatic Mutual Aid and Mutual Aid Box Card assignments. It is an honor to protect the historic and beautiful Leelanau County with them.

Our fire department’s mission is to serve the community by protecting life, property, and the environment through preparation, prevention, and response. We want to help you prevent the perils of fire and other hazardous situations through outreach and education. Part of that mission includes securing mutual aid agreements – I am thrilled to report that Leland Township, along with the other Leelanau County fire agencies, have joined the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS) which would help facilitate resources coming in from all over the state (or nation if necessary) for a disaster. We have become increasingly aggressive when it comes to getting pre-incident information, in order to develop response plans, for our business/commercial districts and special hazard areas. We train hard with a focus to be at our best when you need us!

Please contact me if we can help you. I may be reached via phone (231-256-7760 ext. 204), email (, or by filling out the response form below.

Leland Township is a wonderful community. Our friendly staff of 6 full time firefighter/paramedics and 25 part-time/paid-on-call personnel is focused on not only keeping our community safe, but also providing assistance to area non-profit groups when necessary.  It is not unusual to see our firefighters assisting with moving heavy boxes at the library, plowing our water points, or providing a first aid or CPR class to a group of students at one of our schools.  The focus of our organization is to keep our community safe so that we can all enjoy what we have here to offer.

Need an address sign? Need a smoke alarm?  We can help!  Contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help!

If you are interested in being a part of our team – check our Facebook page (Leland Township Fire and Rescue) or the employment section of our website often.

Thank you for visiting our website!

Chief Dan Besson