Many Hands Together Art Mural Project

On September 11th, 2017 the Many Hands Together art mural projects were unveiled to the public at a special open house held that evening to commemorate the tragic events that happened 16 years earlier in New York City, Shanksville, PA, and at the Pentagon.

The 6″ x 6″ tiles, painted by artists of all ages and talents, depict scenes firefighters serve and protect or equipment we use in fire, medical, and rescue scenarios. They were painted at several paint-ins, held at the Old Art Building in Leland and the two Leland Township Fire Stations, and the project was designed to serve as canvases for our two newly rebuilt or renovated fire stations.

The fire stations in Lake Leelanau and Leland both have beautiful murals now – brightening up the administration area with some great color.  The murals represents how we fulfill our mission of protecting the welfare of the community when they need us most.

The Many Hands Together  project was spearheaded by Sally Meese, Amy Radford, and countless other volunteer artists who encourage collaborative, community, and multi-generational art projects – supported by private donations.

Leland Township Fire & Rescue personnel were humbled by the generous donation from the community. They serve as a great reminder of how well the community loves and respects their firefighters! Thank you to the artists of all ages and talents, the Many Hands Together, the Leelanau Community Cultural Center, and Biggs Construction for all of the hard work making this project a reality!!!

Please contact us at 231-256-7760 if you’d like to make arrangements to see where your tile fit into the final murals.

The Many Hands Together tile mural hanging at the Leland Fire Station.

The American Flag is front and center in the Leland Mural. It highlights the love the community has for our great nation. The “thin red line’ depicted in several flags represents the respect shown to firefighters that have fallen in the line of duty.

The Many Hands Together tile mural hangs in the administrative area of the newly rebuilt fire station in the village of Leland.

The Many Hands Together mural at the Lake Leelanau Fire Station.

News clipping from Traverse City Record-Eagle’s article about the art mural

News clipping from the Leelanau Enterprise’s article about the art murals