About Us

Leland Township encompasses all of North Lake Leelanau and borders the eastern shore of Lake Michigan. Rolling hills, orchards and woodlands define the township’s terrain.

Leland Township Fire and Rescue protects a year-round population of 2,043, according to the 2010 Census. However, that population multiplies many fold in June through August, with as many as 12,000 people estimated to visit on a summer day.  A full time staff of 6 personnel and additional part time/paid call staffing of 16 personnel provide ALS transport EMS service on a 24 hour basis along with fire and rescue services including hazardous materials, water rescue, ice rescue and beach rescue.

As recently as five years ago, the Leland Township Fire Department (LTFD) was still an all-volunteer service that grew from the 1986 merger of the Leland Volunteer Fire Department in Leland, and Leland Township Fire Department which was based in Lake Leelanau. It was staffed by a corps of dedicated, heroic citizens whose efforts over the years are very greatly appreciated. These hard-working, committed individuals provided a service to their fellow taxpayers without pay.

Today’s fire & rescue personnel, regardless of the size of their departments, are required to be certified by national and state organizations. These certifications represent abilities that they’ve learned through formal education and the training of technical skills that must be continuously tested.

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